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In the news this week - 9 -

Par admin ruppe, publié le lundi 4 octobre 2021 09:12 - Mis à jour le lundi 4 octobre 2021 09:12
BBC NEWS : Dubai expects 25 million people to visit World Expo

Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC.

Enjoy watching and reading !

The World Expo is opening in Dubai, and its organisers hope it will attract millions of overseas visitors to the emirate.

World Expos allow countries showcase their latest technology, and they've been drawing in crowds for the past 170 years dating back to Queen Victoria's reign. But visitor numbers for this year's Expo may be lower than usual due to Covid as many countries are still putting restrictions on international travel.

Video and words by Sameer Hashmi, Jeremy Howell and Paul Mongey.


Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.


















-emirate(s) :  émirat  ( Emirats  arabes unis = U A E = Unites Arab Emirates)

-World expo : exposition universelle

-to attract :attirer

-overseas  visitors : visiteurs étrangers/d'autres continents

-to showcase : présenter (mettre en vitrine)

-latest :dernier(es) (  nouveautes)

-to draw  in  crowds (drew/drawn) :attirer les foules

-lower than usual  :inferieur /plus faible que d'habitude

-all set :fin pret

-to be supposed to :etre censé ...

-to have to :devoir 

-to delay :retarder

-outbreak :épidémie

-exhibition :exposition

-huge :énorme

-event :manifestation /évenement

-wonders :merveilles

-lift :ascenseur

-to unveil : dévoiler

-to plan to :avoir l'intention de

-sensory :sensoriel

-to display :exposer /afficher

-sustainable development : développement durable

-despite :malgré

-to expect :s'attendre à

-over :pendant

-contingency :évenement imprévu

-to be keen on : aimer /etre fan de

-outskirt :peripherie /banlieue

-once :dés que

-to hold /held /held :organiser /avoir lieu/se tenir


Dans le cadre du projet "BBC News" mené par Mrs BOTTELDOORN