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In the news this week - 43 -

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BBC NEWS : The return of California's butterflies

Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC.

Enjoy watching and reading !

Some of California's iconic butterflies, including the monarch, have been on the verge of extinction. But the efforts of conservationists to protect them may now be showing positive results.

Find out more on the People Fixing the World podcast.

Produced by Ben Wyatt and Richard Kenny.


Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.


















-conservationist : defenseur de l'environnement

-"these might look like .." : on dirait des..

- 1 leaf /2 leaves : feuille(s)

-cluster :groupe

-monarch butterflies  :papillons  type "monarque"

-almost :presque

-due to :en raison de  

-loss :perte

-use :utilisation

-to see /saw/seen :voir

-increase  :augmentation

-to bring back (brought/brought) :rramener

-grove :petit bois

-campaigners :militants

-to try :essayer

-growth :croissance /developpement

-milkweed :plante asclepiade

-to use  :utiliser

-to feed /fed/fed :nourrir

-to lay eggs on : pondre

-farmer :fermier /agriculteur/cultivateur

-greener :plus écologique

-to rear :élever

-skipper butterflies  :type de papillon --> hesperies

-to release :relacher

-larvae :larve

-into the wild :dans la nature

-species :espèces

-tp prevent ...from :empecher de

-to become/became/become :devenir

-to believe : croire

-all over :partout

-even though :meme si

-over time : au fil du temps


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