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In the news this week - 16 -

Par admin ruppe, publié le dimanche 14 novembre 2021 16:53 - Mis à jour le dimanche 14 novembre 2021 16:53
BBC NEWS : COP26: The two week summit in two minutes

Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC.

Enjoy watching and reading !

COP26 has come to an end in Glasgow after two weeks of meetings on climate change and the environment and with a deal on the table.

Around 40,000 people from around the world are estimated to have attended the UN's climate summit which attracted days of protests across Glasgow, as well as multiple celebrity appearances.

Here are some of the stand out moments.

More on the climate summit:

The COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow in November is seen as crucial if climate change is to be brought under control. Almost 200 countries are being asked for their plans to cut emissions, and it could lead to major changes to our everyday lives.

  • Why the COP26 climate summit is important
  • Simple guide to climate change
  • What will climate change look like for you?
  • Will the UK meet its climate targets?
  • How extreme weather is linked to climate change


Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.


















COP 26 : 2021 United Nations  climate conference

doomsday clock= l'horloge de l'apocalypse

to act= agir

empty= vide

" we must fix our sights on keeping 1.5 C within reach"  = nous devons nous donner comme objectif de ne pas dépasser les 1,5 degrés

pledges = promesses

to restore = rétablir

at least = au moins

to achieve = atteindre / accomplir / réaliser

Net 0 Emissions = neutralité carbone

to get real = être réaliste

to hear = entendre

the long-haul = le long terme

to rise = monter ( pour la mer )

level-up =passer au niveau supérieur

to believe = croire

to embrace = adopter 

to put on the line = mettre en jeu

phase down = diminuer / phase out = supprimer

coal= charbon


Dans le cadre du projet "BBC News" mené par Mrs BOTTELDOORN