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In the news this week - 13 -

Par admin ruppe, publié le lundi 18 octobre 2021 10:44 - Mis à jour le lundi 18 octobre 2021 10:44
BBC NEWS : Meghan Markle's donation a 'lifesaver' for community kitchen users

Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC.

Enjoy watching and reading !

A donation made by the Duchess of Sussex has been a "lifesaver" for users of a community kitchen in Nottingham, the charity has said.

The charity received a £10,000 donation from Meghan, half of which went to its Salaam Shalom Kitchen and has been used to cope with an increase in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

The joint Muslim and Jewish kitchen, which is thought to be one of the only charities of its kind in the UK, can serve up to 170 free meals in Hyson Green each week - up from about 70 a week before the pandemic.

"The Duchess's contribution has been a lifesaver for many, many people," charity trustee Bilal Hussain said.

"Those funds have allowed us to deal with the constant increase and for that we're massively grateful."

Video journalist: Alex Thorp


Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.


















-these : ces (personnes là)

-"I could" :je pourrais

-life saver :qui sauve la vie

-user :utilisateur

-to look after : s'occuper de 

-to feed :nourrir

-joint : resto /gargote

-Muslim : musulman

-Jewish : juif

-"it's thought to be" :on pense que c'est..

-charities :oeuvre de bienfaisance

-only :seul(e)

-surplus food  : surplus /excedent de nourriture

-to parcel :répartir

-takeaway boxes : ici --> repas à emporter/paniers repas

-to take to :emmener

-to give out :distribuer

-to come together : s'unir

-perceived :ressenti

-against :contre

-belief : opinion

-wider held : largement répandue

-to get on : s'entendre

-the most :les plus..

-better than :mieux que

-in the course of :au cours de

-"there's no ..": il n'y a pas..

-rising numbers of :un nombre toujours plus croissant de..(de plus en plus de...)

-during :pendant

-"we used to .." : avant on   ..

-  meals : repas

-whereas :tandis que /alors que

-even :meme

-many : de nombreux (ses)

-to allow :permettre

-us : (à) nous

-increase :augmentation

-grateful :reconnaissant

-asset : atout /avantage

-to be homeless :etre sans abri

-like : comme

-to laugh :rigoler

-amazing : incroyable /extraordinaire


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