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In the news this week - 36 -

Par admin ruppe, publié le lundi 8 février 2021 09:50 - Mis à jour le lundi 8 février 2021 09:50
BBC NEWS : Photographer wants to be autistic role model

Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC.

Enjoy watching and reading !

A wildlife photographer hopes to inspire other autistic people to know they can "achieve anything despite what society tells them".

Alfie Bowen, from Beccles, Suffolk, was diagnosed at the age of nine and had a difficult time growing up.

A love of photography combined with his interest in animals helped him through tough times and build a business, and his story has now been made into a film.

"Photography was my escape," the 22-year-old said. "I never imagined I'd be achieving all those things I am now."

Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.


















-wildlife : animaux

- to achieve : accomplir /réaliser

-despite: malgré

-mallard : type de canard =colvert

-to tell :dire 

-child :enfant

-if :si

-to involve : impliquer

-to care : se sentir concerné

-basically : simplement

-to diagnose : diagnostiquer

-to be bullied : etre harcelé /persecuté

-badly: enormement +gravement

-to be laughed at :etre moqué

-to throw /threw /thrown :jeter

-food :nourriture

-to end up :finir par

-"on my own ":tout seul

-to go (went/gone) to court : aller au tribunal

-special needs school :école pour élèves differents

-to try :essayer

-to end ..life : se suicider 

-luckily  :heureusement

-having autism :etre autiste

-mind :esprit

-to look for :chercher

-to whir around  from one thing to the next : passer d'une chose à l'autre

-to feel (felt/felt) like ...: ici  -->se sentir comme

-escape : echappatoire

-to give :donner

-skin :peau

-against :contre

-to get /got /got :obtenir

-while :pendant que

-to stare at the clock :regarder  fixement l'horloge

-to wait for :attendre 

-3.15: fin de l'école

-aim :but

-to  become :devenir

-role model: modèle =exemple

-autistic people :les autistes

-to look up to : admirer 

-to carry on : continuer /perseverer 

Dans le cadre du projet "BBC News" mené par Mrs BOTTELDOORN