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L'année 2019-2020

In the news this week - 41 -

Par admin ruppe, publié le mardi 19 mai 2020 09:32 - Mis à jour le mardi 19 mai 2020 09:32
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BBC : I have 1,400 plants in my one bed home
Here is this week's selection of world news from the BBC chosen by 302 - 303 
Enjoy watching and reading !

Leicester gardener surrounded by 1,400 plants in home 


Joe Bagley lives in a one-bedroom house and is surrounded by more than 1,400 plants.

During the coronavirus lockdown the 20-year-old from Hathern, Leicestershire has built a strong following on social media, giving advice to budding gardeners.

He now has people from around the world messaging looking for help with their plants which he keeps on top of in between his job at the garden centre.

"It's nice to feel that nature is still around you even though you live on your own," he said, admitting he no longer has space for a wardrobe because the houseplants have taken over.

Please find attached a list of useful key vocabulary to help you.

New words :

- to be surrounded by : etre entouré par

-lockdown :confinement

budding gardeners : des jardiniers novices /naissants

to take over :prendre le dessus/le controle

as long as : tant que /du moment que

- to get through: atteindre

more than :plus de 

furniture: meubles

attic :grenier

wardrobe: armoire/penderie

on your own :tout seul

although : bien que

free advice :conseils gratuits

to fund : financer

to share :partager

tips : astuces

to make sure : s'assurer

underside : le dessous 

leaves :feuilles ( one leaf / 2 leaves)

pests :insectes nuisibles

to diagnose the issue : identifier le problème

to grow : developper

since : depuis

to get in touch: rentrer en contact 

basically : essentiellement 

to reply : répondre

to surface : apparaitre

to spend time (doing something) : passer du temps à ..

whereas: tandis que / alors que

commitments : engagements 

to twiddle your thumbs : se tourner les pouces

underlying : sous jacent

health issue : problème de santé 

to be aware of : etre conscient de  

Dans le cadre du projet "BBC News" mené par Mrs BOTTELDOORN